Doctors of Philosophy of the Faculty of Informatics

PhD graduates of the Faculty of Informatics of Università della Svizzera italiana, listed by year of graduation. 


Dr. Katarina Balac Optimization of Anchor Nodes Placement in Wireless Localization Networks  
Dr. Emiliano Cirillo Recent advances in barycentric rational interpolation of a function and its derivatives  
Dr. Paulo Rodolfo da Silva Leite Coelho On the many faces of atomic multicast  
Dr. Huynh Tu Dang Consensus Protocols Exploiting Network Programmability  
Dr. Sarah Mapelli Deciphering the complexity of human noncoding promoter-proximal transcriptome: different scales of transcriptional control  
Dr. Ganna Marchenko Nonparametric methods for nonstationary time series analysis with application to volatility modelling  
Dr. Thi Viet Ly Nguyen Robust Optimization for Home Health Care  
Dr. Sonia Pozzi

Enhancing multi-scale cardiac simulations by coupling electrophysiology and mechanics - A flexible high performance approach to cardiac electromechanics

Dr. Fabio Verbosio High performance selected inversion methods for sparse matrices  
Dr. Daniele Zuddas Automatically Testing Interactive Applications - Exploiting interactive applications semantic similarities for automated testing  
Dr. Murodzhon Akhmedov Steiner Trees and Multilayer Networks for Functional Analysis and Integration
of High-throughput Omics Data in Cancer Systems Biology
Dr. Andrea Aquino Reusing Solutions Modulo Theories  
Dr. Mohammad Reza Azadmanesh Debugging by Filtering History Slices  
Dr. Masiar Babazadeh Liquid Stream Processing on the Web: a JavaScript Framework  
Dr. Samuel Benz Building global and scalable systems with Atomic Multicast  
Dr. Francesco Bianchi Exposing concurrency failures - A comprehensive survey of the state of the art and a novel approach to reproduce field failures  
Dr. Tommaso Dal Sasso An Object Is Worth a Thousand Words - Reification as the Key to Augmenting Software Development  
Dr. Anastasia Giachanou Tracking Public Opinion on Social Media  
Dr. Alberto Goffi Automatic Generation of Test Oracles  
Dr. Gianvito Grasso Modelling Protein-Protein Interactions to Elucidate Molecular Mechanisms Behind Neurodegenerative Diseases  
Dr. Jérôme Guzzi Path planning for mobile robots in the real world:
handling multiple objectives, hierarchical structures and partial information
Dr. Saman Kamran IDCOLAB: An Interactive and Dynamic Collaborative Labeling Framework  
Dr. Koorosh Khazaei Efficient Tree-Based Content-Based Routing Schemes  
Dr. Samuli Leppänen Some high-degree integrality gap results for the Sum of Squares hierarchy  
Dr. Steven Mudda Time Aware Location Recommendations in Location Based Social Networks  
Dr. Evangelos Niforatos The Role of Context in Human Memory Augmentation  
Dr. Andrea Rosà Analysis and Optimization of Task Granularity on the Java Virtual Machine  
Dr. Mauro Scanagatta Advancements in Bayesian network structure learning  
Dr. Rupesh Kumar Srivastava New Architectures for Very Deep Learning  
Dr. Elena Volonté Subdivision schemes for curve design and image analysis  
Dr. Ämin Baumeler Causal Loops: Logically Consistent Correlations, Time Travel, and Computation   
Dr. Davide Boscaini Geometric Deep Learning for Shape Analysis  
Dr. Leonardo De Sa Alt Controlled and Effective Interpolation  
Dr. Eduardo Feo Flushing Collaborative Missions with Heterogeneous Networked Teams  
Dr. Alan Ferrari Code Offloading in Opportunistic Computing  
Dr. Kamini Garg INDIGO: A Generalized Model and Framework for Performance Prediction of Data Dissemination  
Dr. Salvatore Ingala Approximation Algorithms for Rectangle Packing Problems  
Dr. Igor Kaitovic Online Disturbance Prediction for Enhanced Availability in Smart Grids  
Dr. Kirill Lykov Cell mechanics in flow: algorithms and applications  
Dr. Jelena Milosevic Malware Detection at Runtime for Resource-Constrained Mobile Devices: Data-Driven Approach  
Dr. Roberto Minelli Interaction-Aware Development Environments  
Dr. Luca Ponzanelli Holistic Recommender Systems for Software Engineering   
Dr. Randolf Schärfig Efficient Multi-Bounce Lightmap Creation Using GPU Forward Mapping   
Dr. Teseo Schneider Theory and Applications of Bijective Barycentric Mappings  
Dr. Vasileios Triglianos ASQ: Active Learning with Interactive Web Presentations and Classroom Analytics  
Dr. Sumedha Uniyal Approximation Algorithms for Network Design Problems   
Dr. Patrick Zulian Geometry-Aware Finite Element Framework for Multi-Physics Simulations  
Dr. Carlos Eduardo Benevides Bezerra Scalable State Machine Replication   
Dr. Grigory Fedyukovich Automated Incremental Software Verification   
Dr. Elena Khramtcova On the Hausdorff and Other Cluster Voronoi Diagrams   
Dr. Artiom Kovnatsky Spectral Methods for Multimodal Data Analysis   
Dr. Andrea Mattavelli Software Redundancy: What, Where, How   
Dr. Jawad Nagi Human-Swarm Interaction and Cooperation   
Dr. Marijn Frederik Stollenga Advances in Humanoid Control and Perception   
Dr. Mattia Vivanti Dynamic Data Flow Testing   
Dr. Francesco Alberti An SMT-based verification framework for software systems handling arrays   
Dr. Mathias Björkqvist Resource Management of Replicated Service Systems Provisioned in the Cloud   
Dr. Daniele Bonetta A parallel programming model and runtime system for safe event-based parallel programming   
Dr. Luca Colombo HEBE: Highly Engaging eBook Experiences   
Dr. Lea Conen Domain decomposition preconditioning for the Helmholtz equation
- A coarse space based on local Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps
Dr. Somayeh Danafar Statistical kernel methods and their applications in machine learning   
Dr. Onur Derin Self-adaptivity of Applications on Network on Chip Multiprocessors:
The Case of Fault-tolerant Kahn Process Networks
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Dey Voronoi diagrams in the max-norm: Algorithms, implementation, and applications  
Dr. Ivan Elhart Scheduling Interactive and Concurrently Running Applications on a Network of Open Public Displays   
Dr. Marco Favino Derivation, Simulation and Validation of Poroelastic Models in Dental Biomechanics  
Dr. Giacomo Inches Statistical Models for the Analysis of Short User-Generated Documents - Author Identification for Conversational Documents   
Dr. Olga Kaiser Data-based analysis of extreme events: inference, numerics and applications   
Dr. Varun Raj Kompella Slowness Learning for Curiosity-Driven Agents   
Dr. Jürgen Leitner From Vision To Actions - Towards Adaptive and Autonomous Humanoid Robots   
Dr. Marcin Nowak Collaborative software architecture decisions: structure and dynamics   
Dr. Ricardo Padilha Byzantine Fault Tolerant Storage for the Cloud   
Dr. Michele Papalini TagNet: A Scalable Tag-Based Information-Centric Network   
Dr. Michela Papandrea SLS: Smart Localization Service - Human Mobility Models and Machine Learning Enhancements for Mobile Phone's Localization   
Dr. Maximilian Rietmann Local Time Stepping on High Performance Architectures   
Dr. Alessandro Rigazzi The effects of roughness on the area of contact and on the elastostatic friction - FEM simulation of micro-scale rough contact and real world applications   
Dr. Benno Salwey The Power of No-Signalling Attacks and Implications for (Quantum) Non-Locality Distillation   
Dr. Daniele Sciascia High Performance Deferred Update Replication   
Dr. Saeed Aghaee End-User Development of Mashups Using Live Natural Language Programming  
Dr. Danilo Ansaloni Modular and Efficient Dynamic Program Analysis Tools - A Framework Based on State-oriented Abstractions and on Parallelization  
Dr. Mauro Baluda Test Generation for High Coverage with Abstraction Refinement and Coarsening (ARC)   
Dr. Mikhail Alexander Frank Learning To Reach and Reaching To Learn - A Unified Approach to Path Planning and Reactive Control through Reinforcement Learning   
Dr. Parisa Jalili Marandi High Performance State-Machine Replication   
Dr. Parvaz Mahdabi Query Refinement for Patent Prior Art Search  
Dr. Ilya Markov Uncertainty in Distributed Information Retrieval  
Dr. Jonatan Masci Advances in Deep Learning for Vision, with Applications to Industrial Inspection  
Dr. Nemanja Memarovic Interacting Places - Networked Public Displays That Stimulate Community Interaction  
Dr. Nicolò Perino A Self-Healing Framework for General Software Systems  
Dr. Lars Putzig Non-stationary data-driven computational portfolio theory and algorithms   
Dr. Simone Fulvio Rollini Craig Interpolation and Proof Manipulation - Theory and Applications to Model Checking  
Dr. Aibek Sarimbekov Workload Characterization of JVM Languages  
Dr. Sebastian Schmitz A Local and Probabilistic Model for Low-Cycle Fatigue - New Aspects of Structural Analysis   
Dr. Georgios Stamoulis Approximation Algorithms For Resource Allocation And Network Problems  
Dr. Johannes Steiner Coupling Different Discretizations for Fluid Structure Interaction in a Monolithic Approach   
Dr. Nihat Engin Toklu Matheuristics for Robust Optimization: Application to Real-World Problems   
Dr. Maksym Zavershynskyi Higher-Order Voronoi Diagrams of Polygonal Objects   
Dr. Alberto Bacchelli Mining Unstructured Software Data  
Dr. Maryam Esmaeili Modeling of Market Behavior in Different Scales Using Multi-agent Simulation of Participants' Cognitive Behavior  
Dr. Alessio Gambi Kriging based Self-Adaptive Controllers for the Cloud  
Dr. Dorian Krause Scalable Space-Time Adaptive Simulation Tools for Computational Electrocardiology  
Dr. Denis Mauà Algorithms and Complexity Results for Discrete Probabilistic Reasoning Tasks  
Dr. Mehdi Mirzaaghaei Automatic Test Suite Evolution  
Dr. Fernando Olivero Object-focused Environments Revisited  
Dr. Konstantin Rubinov Automatically Generating Complex Test Cases from Simple Ones  
Dr. Dennis Weyland Stochastic Vehicle Routing - From Theory to Practice  
Dr. Dmitrijs Zaparanuks Algorithmic Profiling  
Dr. Navid Ahmadi Broadening Educational Game Design using the World Wide Web  
Dr. Domenico Bianculli Open-world Software: Specification, Verification, and Beyond  
Dr. Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia   User Participation and Community Formation in Peer Production Systems  
Dr. Leandro Fiorin High-level Services for Networks-on-Chip  
Dr. Shima Gerani Proximity-based Approaches to Blog Opinion Retrieval  
Dr. Lile Hattori Change-centric Improvement of Team Collaboration  
Dr. Milan Jovic Understanding the Performance of Interactive Applications  
Dr. Mostafa Keikha Methods for Ranking User-Generated Streams - A Case Study in Blog Feed Retrieval  
Dr. Slobodan Lukovic A Comprehensive Approach to MPSoC Security - Achieving Network-on-Chip security: a hierarchical, multi-agent approach  
Dr. Amirhossein Malekpour Koupaei A Transport Protocol for Best-Effort Content-Based Networks  
Dr. Cédric Mesnage Social Shuffle - Tag Navigation and Social Diffusion for Music Discovery  
Dr. Yi Sun On Generation of Representations for Reinforcement Learning  
Dr. Giovanni Ansaloni Architectural Exploration and Scheduling Methods for Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Arrays  
Dr. Alessandra Gorla Automatic Workarounds: Exploiting the Intrinsic Redundancy of Software Systems  
Dr. Giovanni Mariani A Design Space Exploration Methodology Supporting Run-Time Resource Management for Multi-core Architectures  
Dr. Adina Diana Mosincat Enhancing Service-oriented Systems with Autonomic Capabilities  
Dr. Philippe Moret Rapid Development of Dynamic Program Analyses  
Dr. Marcello Mura Power Modeling and Simulation for Wireless Sensor Networks  
Dr. Sasa Nesic Semantic Document Architecture for Desktop Data Integration and Management  
Dr. Rachid Rebiha Algebraic Formal Methods for Invariant Generation  
Dr. Antonio Taddeo Towards Self-Adaptive Security for Pervasive Computing Architectures  
Dr. Aliaksei Tsitovich Scalable Abstractions for Efficient Security Checks  
Dr. Tim Winkler Processing Mesh Animations - From Static to Dynamic Geometry and Back  
Dr. Marco D'Ambros On the Evolution of Source Code and Software Defects  
Dr. Matteo Gagliolo Online Dynamic Algorithm Portfolios  
Dr. Cyrus Hall Peer-to-Peer Algorithms for Sampling Generic Topologies  
Dr. Nikos Mutsanas Approximability of Precedence Constrained and Robust Scheduling Problems  
Dr. Francesco Regazzoni A Design Flow and Evaluation Framework for DPA-resistant Embedded Systems - A step towards design automation for security  
Dr. Richard Wettel Software Systems as Cities  
Dr. Jochen Wuttke Automatically Generated Runtime Checks for Design-Level Constraints  
Dr. Paolo Bonzini Compilation and Design Automation For Extensible Embedded Processors  
Dr. Anna Förster Teaching Networks How To Learn  
Dr. Mircea Lungu Reverse Engineering Software Ecosystems  
Dr. Vaide Narvaez On Non-Intrusive Workload-Aware Database Replication  
Dr. Nicolas Schiper On Multicast Primitives in Large Networks and Partial Replication Protocols  
Dr. Ola Svensson Approximability of Some Classical Graph and Scheduling Problems  
Dr. Alessandro Antonucci Imprecise Probabilistic Graphical Models: Equivalent Representations, Inference Algorithms And Applications  
Dr. Lasaro Jonas Camargos Multicoordinated Agreement Protocols and the Log Service  
Dr. Frederick Ducatelle Adaptive Routing in Ad Hoc Wirelss Multi-hop Networks  
Dr. Shane Legg Machine Super Intelligence  
Dr. Romain Robbes Of Change And Software