Research summer internships for students of the Faculty of Informatics

The Faculty of Informatics encourages and promotes the talent of its Bachelor and Master students by offering them summer internships in academic research within the programme Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program - UROP.  

Internships are extracurricular and access is on a competitive basis. Students work one-on-one with an advisor to develop a deeper understanding of both the concepts taught during the semester and of the research topic. Students that are considering continuing in academia should seriously consider applying for a UROP position. 

All research opportunities for this year are listed below (information available in English only).  



Summer 2018 UROP Internship Project Proposals


Click here for the detalied descriptions of the UROP internship projects listed below.

Project Description Mentors / Sponsors  
Automatic annotation of Earnings Conference Calls Prof. Fabio Crestani, Dr. Carlo Raimondo (COM), Esteban Rissola  
Sharding BitCoin for fun and profit Prof. Fernando Pedone  
Accurate Profiling of Computations on the JVM using Bytecode-level Metrics Prof. Walter Binder, Andrea Rosà, Eduardo Rosales  
Automatic Benchmark Synthesis for Specific Evaluation Needs Prof. Walter Binder, Andrea Rosà, Eduardo Rosales  
Fiabot!Plus: Bigger, Better and Stronger Dr. Monica Landoni  
MoviePlus - A Platform for Sharing Digital Content For Augmented Reality Displays Prof. Marc Langheinrich, Dr. Davide Eynard, Anton Fedosov  
Estimation of Large-Scale Gaussian Graphical Models Prof. Olaf Schenk, Aryan Eftekhari  
Automatic Formative Feedback for Java Programming Assignments Prof. Matthias Hauswirth  
Automatic Identification of Student Misconceptions with Machine Learning Prof. Matthias Hauswirth  
Detection of Social Interactions using Smartphones Prof. Marc Langheinrich, Agon Bexheti  
BIO-CAPTCHA Prof. Rolf Krause, Diego Ulisse Pizzagalli  
Sampling and Color Voronoi Diagrams Prof. Evanthia Papadopoulou, Ioannis Mantas  
Patent Data Analysis Prof. Fabio Crestani, Manajit Chakraborty  
How Do Users Interact with a Search Engine on Mobile devices? Prof. Fabio Crestani, Mohammad Alian Nejiadi  
Question Answering about Past Meetings Prof. Fabio Crestani, Seyed Ali Bahrainian  
Hardware/software co-design of application-specific systems with Xilinx SDSoC Prof. Laura Pozzi, Dr. Giovanni Ansaloni, Lorenzo Ferretti  
Fake news detection in social media Prof. Michael Bronstein, Dr. Davide Eynard, Federico Monti  


In general, if you are interested in working in a specific research group, even one not mentioned above, please contact the corresponding professor directly.


Eligibility and Application Deadline

  • USI Informatics Bachelor or Master student
  • Directly contact a project's mentor to apply (see names above)
  • Application deadline: Saturday, March 31, 2018 (by the deadline you should already agree with the project's mentor) - send your application to


Acceptance and Funding

  • Funded by the Faculty of Informatics
  • Only a limited number of grants available
  • Acceptance is competitive
  • Decision is taken by the Dean


Duration and Dates of Internship

  • Roughly 2 months
  • Start after exam period (~ July 1st)
  • End before recovery exam period (~ August 31)