Faculty of Informatics at a glance

The Faculty of Informatics of USI Università della Svizzera italiana is defined by its vanguard educational model and by its passion for scientific research. Around 200 researchers from around the world conduct research in eight different macro-areas, with tens of millions of Swiss francs in competitive funding obtained to date. Over the years, the Faculty has become one of the leading research centres in Switzerland and an international point of reference in fields such as - for example - software engineering.

Commitment to research has a real impact on education through a unique teaching philosophy where the student is actively and creatively placed at the heart of the learning process. This process is based on turning theory into practice, and an open and direct dialogue with faculty members.

Fundamental research is applied, through a series of tailored public collaborations, in different contexts of timely and relevant interest, ranging from healthcare to robotics, and leading to a suitable entrepreneurial environment for innovation and start-up companies.


"Informatics is information plus automation. It is a bit like mathematics: a universal language and a powerful formalism to describe and analyze; and it is a bit like engineering: the practical and clever application of principles for a myriad of good uses. Informatics is everywhere: information technology, economics, health, aerospace, entertainment, … . Informatics is much more than computer: it is an art, a mix of imagination and skills, and also a sense of beauty. Informatics is our passion, and my promise to all those who are and will be part of our Faculty, and in particular to our students, is that in teaching as in researching we will always keep faith to our passion.”

Antonio Carzaniga, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics


Faculty of Informatics in brief

Students 360
Graduates 734
Academic staff 193
   of which, professors and lecturers 54
Countries represented 73
Bachelor 1
Master 6
PhD programmes 2
Annual competitive research (on average, mil CHF) 7,5
Total competitive research (mil CHF) 80
Citations in Google Scholar 70'000
Completed research projects 255
Ongoing research projects 42
PhD students 114
Institutes supported 5
   - Software Institute (SI)
   - Computer Systems Institute (SYS)
   - Institute of Computational Science (ICS)
   - Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA)
   - Advanced Learning and Research Institute (ALaRI)
Macro-areas of research 8
   - Computational Science
   - Computer Systems
   - Geometric and Visual Computing
   - Information Systems
   - Intelligent Systems
   - Programming Languages
   - Software Engineering
   - Theory and Algorithms


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