Faculty of Informatics in the region

USI Facoltà di scienze informatiche
USI Facoltà di scienze informatiche
USI Facoltà di scienze informatiche

Through its educational and research activities, the USI Faculty of Informatics participates in the development of the region contributing to:

  • the support of the economic and social development with qualified individuals, valuable competences, applied research, and young resources;
  • progressively create the conditions for a new professional and entrepreneurial fabric, based on innovation and start-up;
  • encourage careers in IT on the Swiss Italian-speaking region, with the aim of exporting our expertise into the world, and bring a bit of the world in on our territory;
  • create an income thanks to students, faculty staff and conferences.


Specific collaborations

The Faculty is also active in the region through specific initiatives. In cooperation with schools, associations and institutions in Canton Ticino, the Faculty aims at spreading knowledge and awareness of informatics in schools, to encourage careers in MINT (mathematics, computer, natural and technical sciences), that are becoming increasingly important in contemporary society.

The main initiatives are:

  • Informatics study weeks;
  • continuing education for teachers - COESI;
  • ongoing collaboration with learning initiatives promoted by the association ated – ICT Ticino;
  • ongoing collaboration with the Tenero National Youth Sports Centre within the framework of Sportech;
  • ongoing collaboration with the Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences (SATW), in particular for TecDay;
  • ongoing collaboration with the Technology and IT Weeks Engineers Shape organised by IngCH - Engineers Shape our Future.

In addition to these, there is a series of specific collaborations at various events and initiatives.