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Work with our 400+ students at the Faculty of Informatics at USI

Our Faculty is defined by its vanguard educational model and by its passion for scientific research. Around 200 researchers from around the world conduct research in 8 different macro-areas, ranging from software engineering to distributed systems to artificial intelligence, with tens of millions of Swiss francs in competitive funding obtained to date.
As part of their education, our students are collaborating with many companies in Lugano, Switzerland, and beyond. If you are interested in working with our students, please contact us.

The Faculty of Informatics is also open to discuss innovative joint initiatives, e.g., summer schools, seminar series, scholarships, competitions, and other events.

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  • Bachelor

    The Bachelor in Informatics offered at our Faculty is a three-year (6 semesters) full-time study programme, awarding a Bachelor's degree with 180 ECTS. The program is structured around ateliers, field projects where students apply theory to real cases, interacting directly with the professors. Every year about 80 new students start the program.

    BSc Field Project Atelier
    The Field project is a part-time project, offered by companies, for 3rd year BSc students. The course runs from mid-September to mid-December each year: 12 weeks for a total of ~ 200 hours, carried out by the student on Thursdays and Fridays all day. Below are the skills acquired by students upon completion of the 2nd year of the Bachelor of Science in Informatics:

    • Excellent programming skills: Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, Ajax, JSON, C/C++, Scala, Several APIs & SDKs, Mobile Apps
    • Systems Thinking: Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Project-based Learning, Networking Principles & Practice, HCI Design
    • Extensive technological knowledge: HTML & CSS, Databases, Algorithms, LaTex
    • Solid math foundations: Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability & Statistics

    Contact us by: 31 March (period of operation: September – December)

    Bachelor’s Project
    The Bachelor's project provides the student with the opportunity to work independently to develop a solution to a significant (i.e., large) problem. The student learns and demonstrates both independence and a systematic approach to problem-solving. Students work throughout the semester (14 weeks) on a part-time basis under the supervision of a professor and the proposing company. Students also meet regularly with the Bachelor's project coordinator to receive instruction on the purpose and implementation mechanisms of a long-term project.
    At the end of the semester, students produce:

    • A written project report
    • A poster and a presentation
    • A deliverable (if applicable) such as an algorithm, software library, or application.

    Contact us by: 31 January (period of operation: February – June)

  • Master

    The Master's degree curricula offered at our Faculty are 2-year (4 semesters) full-time graduate-level specialisation programmes, awarding a Master’s degree with 120 ECTS. The topics of the 6 offered MSc programs are as follows: Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Science, Financial Technology and Computing, Management and Informatics, and Software and Data Engineering.


    The goals of the IMPARA (Industry Merit-based PARallel Approach) initiative are:

    • To allow interested and meritorious Master students that wish to work part-time in a local IT company while still being able to successfully pursue the Master program, through a carefully designed and personalized study plan that considers their work commitment.
    • To foster working relationships between IT companies active in Ticino and the Faculty of Informatics with its Master students and graduates.

    The program is designed to provide a complementary program of studies to students who have a necessity or strong preference for combining work and studies. Qualifying students will receive a custom part-time study curriculum that distributes the 2-year full-time MSc program of their choice across 3 years so that they can concurrently work part time (typically 15h/week).

    Contact us by: 30 April (Period of operation: September – June over 3 years)


    MSc Field Project
    The Field Project within the Masters of Management and Informatics and Financial Technology and Computing is an unpaid consultancy study conducted by a team of two to four students with a company (the “client”) based on a jointly defined project.

    Contact us by: 31 May and 30 November (Period of operation: Sept. – Dec. & Feb. – May)


    Master’s Thesis
    The Master's thesis offers students the opportunity to conduct a research/engineering project for their master's thesis under the supervision of a faculty member and the company proposing the project. The thesis must represent an original contribution to the field and/or an innovative project.

    Contact us by: 31 August and 31 December (Period of operation: September – June)

  • Internships

    We are available to forward our students internship announcements offered by companies and provide references if needed.

    Contact us by: anytime (Period of operation: part-time during semester, full-time during Summer)

  • Research Projects

    We are open to collaboration in research projects or direct mandates, such as innovative projects funded by the Innosuisse Federal Program.

    Contact us by: anytime (Period of operation: anytime)