Campus of the Faculty of Informatics

Lugano East Campus
Lugano East Campus
West Campus Lugano, Black Building
West Campus Lugano, Black Building
West Campus Lugano, Main Building
West Campus Lugano, Main Building
West Campus Lugano, Aula magna
West Campus Lugano, Aula magna
Lugano Campus, Main Building
Lugano Campus, Main buiding
Lugano Campus, library
Lugano Campus, Library
Lugano, Ciani Park
Lugano, Ciani Park
Lugano, Skatepark
Lugano, Skatepark
Lugano, Piazza della Riforma
Lugano, Piazza della Riforma
Lugano, Ciani Park
Lugano, Ciani Park
A view of Lugano
A view of Lugano (source: LAC and City of Lugano)

The Faculty of Informatics is located on the Lugano East Campus olf the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), in Via la Santa 1.

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  • How to get there

    • BY TRAIN

    From Lugano railway station, you can reach the Lugano Campus by bus or on foot.

    By bus:

    Take bus 6 (direction Cornaredo) from the square in front of the station. Alight at the “Università” stop (around 8-10 minutes’ ride in normal traffic conditions).

    See also the directions on this map.

    On foot:

    Walk to Piazza Cioccaro, in the centre of Lugano (see route on map), or take the funicular from inside the station.

    Cross Piazza Cioccaro and take Via Soave, turn left onto Via Pessina and walk to Piazza Dante. Cross the piazza, turn left onto Via Pretorio, and walk until you reach the bus station. Pass the bus station and keep going straight along Corso Pestalozzi until you reach the entrance to a parking garage and a park gate (Parco Ciani), then turn left onto Via Lucchini, and walk straight along Via Lucchini and Via Lambertenghi until you reach the campus main building.

    See the route on this map.


    • BY CAR

    A2 highway: take the Lugano Nord exit, follow signs to Lugano and go through the tunnel (Galleria Vedeggio-Cassarate). After the tunnel, go straight ahead, following signs for Lugano/Centro (Via Sonvico) until you reach the large crossroad by the stadium: turn left (Via Alla Bozzoreda) and, at the next traffic lights, take a right onto Via Ciani. Go straight along Via Ciani and, at the second traffic light, continue straight ahead (following signs for USI) on Viale Cassarate. Shortly after the traffic lights, you will see the entrance to the underground car park for the Lugano Campus on your right.

    See the route on this map.

    To reach the main building, go past the car park entrance and take the second right (Via Fusoni). Continue along this road and take the second right (Via Lambertenghi) until you come to the main building.

    See the additional route on this map.

    As parking alternative, there is the nearby multistory car park of the Lugano Ospedale Italiano (Hospital) that can be accessed by Via agli Orti.

    See the route on this map.


    • BY AIR

    Milano-Malpensa, Milano-Linate and Milano-Orio al Serio Airports are within a radius of 60-100 km from Lugano. There are trains to and from Milano-Malpensa Airport.


  • Map of the campus

    1. Main Building
    2. Black Building
    3. Auditorium / Mensa
    4. Red Building
    5. Theology
    6. Lab / EOC
    7. East Campus Lugano
    8. Library
    9. Aula magna
    10. Blue Building
    11. L'ideatorio (Villa Saroli)
    Campus Lugano 1

    The West Campus Lugano is open from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 19:00, and 24 / 7 for members of the academic community.

    It is accessible to people with disabilities. Surrounded by gardens it also offers, among other things:

    Campus security is provided by the security service, and backed up by a video surveillance system.

    Further information about the West Campus and its infrastructure is available on InfoDesk, the practical information portal for the academic community.

  • Information on buildings

    The nucleus of the West Campus Lugano is an ancient neoclassical building – the Main Building – which originally housed the city hospital. With the growth of the University, new, modern buildings have risen around it.

    The campus development has been possible thanks to the generosity of the Daccò Foundation and the USI Foundation for the Lugano Faculties, which are among the main supporters of our University. The campus has been designed following two main inspirations:

    • plurality: the different architects tried to keep a balance between tradition and innovation, in perfect harmony with the true meaning of University, which is a dialogue between diversity, looking towards the same direction (uni-versitas);
    • openness towards the community: all obstacles that separated the campus from the neighbouring area (such as walls, gates or hedges) were removed. A pathway of benches was built as to embrace Lugano, and to represent through its simple yet sincere concrete, a University that does not want to be an "Ivory Tower", but on the contrary looks forward to an open dialogue with the community.