FoMICS-DADSi block course on "Functional and Numerical Analysis"


Decanato - Facoltà di scienze informatiche

31 Luglio 2020

The Institute of Computational Science (ICS) is pleased to announce a block course on Functional and Numerical Analysis for PhD and prospective/current/enrolled master students in the fields of modern mathematics and computational science.

The course is supported and organized by the Swiss Graduate School FOMICS - "Foundations in Mathematics and Informatics for Computer Simulations in Science and Engineering”


  • Banach Spaces
  • Lebesgue Integrals and Measure Spaces
  • Hilbert spaces, Sobolev Spaces
  • Abstract Variational Problem
  • Compactness and weak Convergence
  • Spectral Theory



Detailed schedule, topics and registration information is available here.