Spaces of our Own: Visions of Queer Social Media

Decanato - Facoltà di scienze informatiche

Data: 16 Maggio 2024 / 10:30 - 12:30

USI Campus EST, room D0.03, Sector D

Kay Kender, TU Wien, Austria

Third Spaces in the context of design are small-scale public gathering places that allow people with very different social identities to connect around shared interests. As places that foster incremental social change, they are especially valuable for marginalized groups, who may be unsafe or unseen in larger publics. But what happens when our publics becomes virtual, and what happens when these spaces suddenly grow, change, and shift? In this talk, I report on my research with Trans participants around their social media experiences, show how their experiences reveal techno-social norms embedded in design, and discuss possible paths towards positive Social Media.

Kay Kender is currently a prae-doc researcher on the ACCESSTECH project (led by Katta Spiel) at TU Wien’s HCI Group. Their research interests include crip and queer perspectives on technology, and speculative, critical, and participatory approaches to technology design. At the moment, Kay is particularly obsessed with making the case for Design Power, especially the power of aesthetics, in the field of HCI.

Host: Prof. Monica Landoni