Optics and Machine Learning, a seminar by Professor Demetri Psaltis

Istituto Dalle Molle di studi sull’intelligenza artificiale

Data: 15 Giugno 2023 / 11:00 - 12:00

Room C1.03 East Campus

There is a long history linking optics and machine learning, going back to the 1980’s when optics was first used for the implementation of neural networks. The interest in the optical implementation of neural networks has been revived recently due to the explosion in the size of the networks that are realized and the associated high energy consumption required to train and operate digitally these networks. In this presentation, Professor Psaltis will focus primarily on multimode fibers and their use as nonlinear optical computing elements. He will show that in a variety of classification tasks, the combination of nonlinear optical elements and digital co-processors [1] can reach classification accuracy competitive with very large digital multi-layer networks but with lower energy consumption. A possible application area of this technology is autonomous robots, vehicles and drones where low energy consumption is a critical need. 

[1] Programming Nonlinear Propagation for Efficient Optical Learning Machines 

Scalable optical learning operator, Uğur Teğin, Mustafa Yıldırım, Iİker Oğuz, Christophe Moser, Demetri Psaltis, Nature Computational Science, volume 1, pages542–549 (2021)