CSF Workshop on Generalized Barycentric Coordinates in Computer Graphics and Computational Mechanics

Decanato - Facoltà di scienze informatiche

Data d'inizio: 1 Giugno 2022

Data di fine: 4 Giugno 2022

Centro Congressi Stefano Franscini, Ascona

The CSF Workshop on Generalized Barycentric Coordinates in Computer Graphics and Computational Mechanics organized by Prof. Kai Hormann (USI) and N. Sukumar (UC Davis) will be held at Centro Congressi Stefano Franscini in Ascona, 1-4 June 2022.

This workshop aims at fostering the interchange of researchers from computer graphics and computational mechanics on this exciting research topic. It is intended to provide greater synergy between these two fields so that a broader class of problems and associated solution strategies can be conceived. Moreover, this workshop will provide a forum for the novice as well as the expert to get acquainted with the latest research results and the potential use of generalized barycentric coordinates in different areas of science and engineering.

Some of the featured topics in the workshop are:

  • Barycentric and transfinite interpolation
  • Barycentric coordinates in computer graphics and geometry processing
  • Polygonal finite elements and boundary elements on polygons and polyhedra
  • Barycentric coordinates for mesh parametrization, image warping, mesh deformation, free-form modeling, character animation, and generalized Bézier surfaces
  • Barycentric coordinates in computational mathematics (e.g., rational interpolation, quadrature rules, collocated-solution for partial differential equations), solid mechanics (e.g., elasticity, topology optimization and fracture) and fluid mechanics (e.g., Stokes flow and Navier–Stokes equations)
  • Connections between barycentric coordinates, discrete differential geometry, and mimetic finite elements

For more information, please visit the official website.