Research internships for visiting Master students - MaRS programme

The Masters Research Scholarship (MaRS) programme provides short-term scholarships to support visiting Masters students to work on research projects within the Faculty of Informatics.

Participating students visit USI for up to one semester to work on a research project under the guidance of an USI Faculty member with the objective of applying the work towards a Master's thesis at the student's home university.
Each scholarship recipient will receive CHF 5'000 to help cover travel and living expenses for the visiting student for the duration of their stay.

The coordinator is Prof. Fernando Pedone.

The MaRS programme is sponsored by the Hasler Foundation.


Applications must be sent by 31 January 2022 to

  • CV
  • transcript of grades (Master)
  • support letter by a professof of the home university
  • motivation letter
  • passport scan.

Results will be communicated by 15 February 2022.

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  • MaRS past projects

    Click here for the detailed descriptions of the MaRS projects listed below


    Project Contact  
    A tangible interface for controlling capture and sharing of personal data (RECALL.A) Prof. Marc Langheinrich  
    API metrics and pattern visualization Prof. Cesare Pautasso  
    Approximating order-k Voronoi diagrams using clusters of sampled points Prof. Evanthia Papadopoulou  
    ASQ Prof. Cesare Pautasso  
    Automated Program Analyses of Student Programs Prof. Matthias Hauswirth  
    Collaborative Economy Practices and Communities in Switzerland – A Case Study Prof. Marc Langheinrich  
    Computational Display and Fabrication Prof. Piotr Didyk  
    Converting complex polygons into simple polygons Prof. Kai Hormann  
    Design and Evaluation of a Smartphone App to Support Sharing Physical Objects (SHA21.C) Prof. Marc Langheinrich  
    Educational Technology for Learning to Program Prof. Matthias Hauswirth  
    Evaluating a Human Memory Augmentation App (RECALL.C) Prof. Marc Langheinrich  
    Evaluating Secure Personal Memory Sharing with Co-Located People (RECALL.B) Prof. Marc Langheinrich  
    Formal Analysis of Smart Contracts Prof. Natasha Sharygina  
    Geometric properties of indirect Pythagorean hodograph curves Prof. Kai Hormann  
    Highly parallelizable public blockchains Prof. Patrick Eugster  
    Investigating the dichotomy of sharing practices in virtual and physical realms: from theoretical overview to design considerations (SHA21.A) Prof. Marc Langheinrich  
    Just Share It: A Decentralized Autonomous System to Support Sharing Physical Objects Using Blockchain and Smart Contracting Prof. Marc Langheinrich  
    On the farthest-segment Voronoi diagram: predicates and robust computation Prof. Evanthia Papadopoulou  
    Online data-center modeling Prof. Robert Soulé  
    Production optimization through water-front control using adjoint gradient-based techniques Prof. Olaf Schenk  
    Qualitative Analysis of Programming Interview Videos Prof. Matthias Hauswirth  
    Query optimization for graph databases Prof. Robert Soulé  
    RESTful conversation mining Prof. Cesare Pautasso  
    Scalable State Machine Replication Prof. Fernando Pedone  
    Smart Group Activity Journal – Creating an Automated Activity Feed for Outdoor Sports (SHA21.D) Prof. Marc Langheinrich  
    Understanding End-user Attitudes towards Location Sharing Services Prof. Marc Langheinrich  
    Understanding Practices and Motivations for Sharing Physical Resources through Digital Services (SHA21.B) Prof. Marc Langheinrich