Bernoulli Society Worskhop - Innovation in dynamic network modelling

Staff - Faculty of Informatics

Start date: 11 September 2024

End date: 13 September 2024

USI East Campus

The workshop on “Innovation in dynamic network modelling” will be held at Università della Svizzera italiana on September 11-13, 2024.

This workshop centres around the latest advancements in dynamic network modelling, with a specific focus on innovation and patent citation analysis. It aims to cover a broad range of topics from relational event modelling to latent space modelling, providing a platform for discussing theoretical advancements and practical applications in dynamic network analysis.

List of speakers

  • Viviana Amati, Bicocca University, Italy
  • Laurence Brandenberger, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Jürgen Lerner, University of Konstanz, Germany
  • Catherine Matias, Sorbonne University, Switzerland
  • Veronica Vinciotti, University of Trento, Italy

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