Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Informatics

The Ph.D. programme in the USI Faculty of Informatics promotes the development of new professionals interested in academic or industrial research careers. A successful Ph.D. student will gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the general field of informatics, as well as an in-depth specialization in an area of interest. Working with one or more Faculty members, the student will contribute original, useful, and scientifically valid ideas in their chosen area of research. In addition, students will develop the professional skills that will be needed throughout their career.

Most students in the Ph.D. programme are supported as assistants. The support covers tuition and provides a salary. Responsibilities of assistants include both teaching and research duties. Generally students receive support as long as funds are available and the student is making adequate progress through the programme (as described in the Regulations). 


Structure and contents

The Ph.D. curriculum is described and governed by the relevant Regulations.


Degree titles

The Faculty awards the following doctoral titles:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics (Ph. D. in Informatics), or 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Science (Ph. D. in Computational Science)

depending on the reaserch area chosen as main track. The specialisation in Computational Science is offered within the Swiss Graduate Program FoMICS.   


Joint Ph.D. Degrees




Doctors of Philosophy of the Faculty of Informatics

Click here for the list of the PhD graduates of the Faculty


Why choose the Faculty of Informatics

The Faculty of Informatics, and USI in general, is a free and open research platform. Its flexible structure allows for decisions to be made swiftly, thus enabling the fluid exchange of ideas.

With an academic staff hailing from different countries and with different backgrounds, the Faculty carries out quality and pro-active research, aimed at both the development of knowledge and its application, with the goal of making an impact in the field of Informatics, allowing the Faculty to obtain several millions of Francs in competitive funds. The Faculty has thus become one of the leading research centres in Switzerland and an international reference institution in fields such as - for example - software engineering.

The Doctoral Program of the Faculty of Informatics is rigorous and competitive and benefits from a vibrant environment, animated by a spirit of personal and authentic sharing of the passion for informatics. Prospective researchers can find the ideal hub to grow and plant the seeds for a career at companies and institutions such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Red Hat, Oracle, IBM, Cornell University, Imperial College London, London University College, New York University, EPFL, TU Delft, University of Washington, Indiana University.

The Faculty of Informatics and USI more in general can count on a broad national and international research network, and the convenient conditions of the Swiss system, such as useful synergies betwen high-quality public infrastructures – especially the- Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse – and important funding by the private sector.