Geometric and Visual Computing

Geometric and Visual Computing is an active area of research at the Faculty of Informatics of USI Università della Svizzera italiana. Our faculty works on computational geometry, computer graphics, computer vision, geometry processing, and other areas.


Michael Bronstein

Prof. Bronstein's main research interests are theoretical and computational methods in metric geometry and their application to problems in computer vision, pattern recognition, shape analysis, computer graphics, image processing, and machine learning.

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Piotr Didyk

Prof. Didyk's research interests lie at the intersection of computer graphics and human perception. His main focus is on computational methods for generating and optimizing content for novel displays (e.g., AR/VR headset) and digital fabrication devices (e.g., multi-material 3D printers).

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Kai Hormann

Prof. Hormann's research is focussed on geometry processing algorithms and their applications in computer graphics. In particular, he is working on mesh parameterization, surface reconstruction, generalized barycentric coordinates, and subdivision of curves and surfaces.

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Evanthia Papadopoulou

The research interests of Prof. Papadopoulou are in the design and analysis of algorithms, computational geometry, applications of computational geometry in diverse areas such as VLSI design automation, implementation of geometric algorithms, data structures, algorithmic aspects of computer-aided design for VLSI layout and VLSI manufacturing.

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Jürgen Schmidhuber

Prof. Schmidhuber is a director of the IDSIA research institute and interested in topics such as machine learning, mathematically optimal universal AI, artificial curiosity and creativity, artificial recurrent neural networks, adaptive robotics, complexity theory, digital physics, theory of beauty, and the fine arts.

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