Among the best programmers in Europe


Institutional Communication Service

6 December 2017

A number of USI Bachelor students in Computer Sciences have distinguished themselves internationally in the European programming competition organised in Paris by Télécom ParisTech and École normale supérieure. The International Collegiate Programming Contest is a series of very prestigious competitions organised under the patronage of the Association for Computing Machinery, the leading professional and academic company in the IT field.

USI students ranked fifth out of 77 groups hailing from 49 universities of Southern Europe. USI has outdistanced – among others- one of the ETH groups, the two EPFL groups, the two groups from the Politecnico di Milano, one from Politecnico di Torino, all other teams from leading Italian universities such as Milan, Rome, Pisa and Bologna, and leading research centers such as Technion, Haifa, Ecole Politechnique, Universitat Politècnica de València and Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Here the complete scoreboard:


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