Informatics and high school: diploma projects supported by USI


Institutional Communication Service

22 January 2024

Last week, several high school diploma projects (Lavori di Maturità - LaM) were presented at the Liceo Cantonale di Lugano 2 (LiLu2), with the support of researchers and PhD students from the USI Faculty of Informatics.

Eight students (three girls and five boys) from LiLu2 presented their projects related to informatics on 12 and 19 January 2024. Below are the titles of the papers:

  • Development of multi-agent models to run simulations followed by Dr Marco Favino, a postdoc at the Euler Institute;
  • Development of a secure and professional website, followed by Fabio Di Lauro, PhD student at the Institute of Computing;
  • Training artificial agents in competitive games, followed by Dr Matteo Biagiola, a postdoc at the Software Institute;
  • Artificial Intelligence for Smart Video Intercoms, followed by Luca Butera, PhD student at IDSIA;
  • A domotic greenhouse: the first steps towards a more sustainable world, followed by Jorge Condor, IDSIA PhD student.

"Every year since 2012, we have collaborated with Prof. Mattias Venzi from Liceo Lugano 2 to support Lavori di Maturità in the field of informatics", Mauro Prevostini, Programme Manager of the Faculty of Informatics, explains. "It is very rewarding to observe the excellent level of high school students, their commitment to carrying out the projects, and their ability to present their results. This is one of the activities that USI carries out to encourage young talents to study technical subjects, particularly informatics."