The 2021/22 USI-FAU double-degree programme in Computational Science has kicked off

A few of the double degree students from FAU
A few of the double degree students from FAU

Institutional Communication Service

6 October 2021

At the end of September a delegation of faculty members and students from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) visited Lugano to celebrate the launch of the Double Degree Programme in Computational Science and Computational Engineering between USI and FAU for the academic year 2021/22. This is the second year that the Double Degree Programme is organised at USI.

The itinerary included a tour of the facilities available to students on the new USI East Campus, as well as a visit to Lugano and Gandria, and a hike up the Monte Bré. The visit concluded with a welcome event where students had the opportunity to meet each other, learn more about the double degree programme, and each of the host universities.

The USI-FAU Double Degree Program offers participating students the opportunity to study in two world-class research institutions in the field of informatics and engineering, and live and experience the culture in two diverse regions of Europe. After three semesters of course work (2 at the host university, 1 at the partner university) and a Master’s thesis, the students are awarded a Master’s degree from each university. This year, there are 27 students enrolled in the double degree programme and it is expected this to keep growing in the coming years as the word spreads.

Michael Zideki from Erlangen was very enthusiastic about his double degree, saying it is "a unique opportunity to get different perspectives on your studies". Adding to that, one of this year's Master in Computational Science students at USI, Nicola Esposito, says, "the double degree fully meets my expectations. Together with the FAU classmates we also had a great kick-off gathering and enjoyed meeting other students of this program, which was refreshing and useful!".


The FAU/USI Double Degree is supported by the Institute of Computing at the USI Faculty of Informatics.

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