Fascinating Informatics Study Week 2016


Staff - Faculty of Informatics

17 September 2016

From September 12 to 17, the USI Faculty of Informatics welcomed on the Lugano campus a group of young students aged 16 to 20, hailing from the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland for the “Fascinating Informatics” study week 2016, in collaboration with the Schweizer Jugend Forscht foundation.

These young talents worked with enthusiasm on a wide range of projects proposed by our researchers, such as face recognition and gravity simulation. 

In addition to developing the assigned projects, their task was also to prepare a presentation to illustrate them and their related final report. 

Finally, on Saturday morning, September 12, all 24 students - from all over Switzerland - who took part in the nation-wide event presented at the University of Bern the results of their work done at the USI Faculty of Informatics, at the Universities of Bern and Fribourg, and at the University of Applied Sciences at Brugg/Windisch.