SI Seminar by Davide Paolo Tua

Software Institute

Date: 13 October 2022 / 16:30 - 17:30

USI Campus Est, room D0.03, Sector D

An ECS Primer

Speaker: Davide Paolo Tua

Game programming have usually different requirements with respect to the ‘normal’ programming ones. One of them, for example, is the requirement for speed: every update should be computed and presented in less than 1/60th of a second. In this talk, I will talk about these requirements, about the causes of the performance problems that game programmers usually meet, and I will present an architectural pattern, called ECS, that aims to solve them by exploiting the CPU memory architecture.

Davide got his master degree in Information Engineering at Polytechnic of Turin / University of Illinois 15 years ago ago, then completely left the academic world and moved to the industry, where he covered several roles. Four years ago, he moved to Codelounge, where he is a Senior R&D engineer and follows several different projects. He loves working with relation DBMSes, Crystal and he is interested in the indie dev game programming area.

Chair: Souhaila Serbout

ℹ️  The seminar will be in presence for everyone in room D0.03. If you are unable to attend in presence, the SI website contains a link to a Teams video call in the “location" field (i.e., click on “D0.03"). 


In February 2019, the Software Institute started its SI Seminar Series. Every Thursday afternoon, a researcher of the Institute will publicly give a short talk on a software engineering argument of their choice. Examples include, but are not limited to novel interesting papers, seminal papers, personal research overview, discussion of preliminary research ideas, tutorials, and small experiments.

On our YouTube playlist you can watch some of the past seminars. On the SI website you can find more details on the next seminar, the upcoming seminars, and an archive of the past speakers.