Information Systems

Information Systems is an active area of research at the Faculty of Informatics of USI Università della Svizzera italiana. We work on Business Process Management, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Retrieval and Privacy.


Fabio Crestani

Prof. Crestani started the local Information Retrieval Research group. His main areas of research are Information Retrieval, Text Mining, and Digital Libraries.

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Patrick Thomas Eugster

Prof. Eugster is interested in software systems, with a particular focus on distributed systems and programming models/languages, and the intersection between the two. He has co-authored over 120 scientific articles on these topics. His research has been awarded by various funding agencies and companies. 

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Monica Landoni

Prof. Landoni's research interests are in the broad areas of Human Computer Interaction, Digital Libraries and Interactive Information Retrieval. In particular she has been actively exploring how e-books should be designed and evaluated by focusing on different readers and reading types. 

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Marc Langheinrich

Prof. Langheinrich's main research interest lies at the intersection of privacy and ubiquitous computing. Prof. Langheinrich heads the Research Group for Ubiquitous Computing.

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Cesare Pautasso

Prof. Pautasso's research lies at the intersection of service-oriented computing, autonomic computing, software architecture, Web engineering and business process modeling and management. He's leading the Architecture, Design and Web Information Systems Engineering group.

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Silvia Santini

Prof. Santini's research focus is on wireless sensor and actuator networks, mobile sensing, cyber-physical systems and stretches to the domains of ubiquitous computing and the internet of things.

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