New provisions for the campuses reopening

Institutional Communication Service

From today 22 June 2020 the Federal Council has relaxed further measures (link). Now access to the campuses is allowed through the badge under the conditions provided by the Protection Provisions: the document describes the general rules of conduct, who is responsibile for enforcing the adopted measures, the way the services operate and the rules of conduct for the spaces made available to the community.

Following, a list of highlights of the document recently updated by the Rectorate, with the main changes with respect to the previous situation:

  • Students will have access to the campuses from 8 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Sunday. Not all campus buildings will be accessible to students, who will benefit from some common areas: on Lugano campus - in addition to the Library - the PC 156 classroom, on Mendrisio campus the third floor of Canavée Building.
  • Public events and lectures: lectures and events to be held on campus shall be approved by the Rectorate in advance, in order to guarantee the appropriate hygienic measures and a correct layout of the classrooms.
  • Campus food services have reopened

All the hygiene, sanitation and social distancing measures (1.5 metres) that we have now learned to respect remain in force, as well as the measures to be taken in case of flu symptoms. The use of masks is recommended when safety distances cannot be maintained; when people stay together for long periods in enclosed spaces even if distances are guaranteed; when using public transport. As rule of thumb it is still highly recommended to hold meetings online an to opt for teleworking when possible (with the coordinator consent).