X-DMS 2019 - eXtended Discretization MethodS conference

x-dms 2019
x-dms 2019

Staff - Faculty of Informatics

1 July 2019

The Institute of Computational Science (ICS) has the pleasure to host the X-DMS 2019 conference (eXtended Discretization MethodS) at USI in Lugano, Switzerland, July 3-5, 2019. 

X-DMS 2019 is a Thematic Conference of the European Community in Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS). The conference topics include fundamental research and development, implementation, and applications of extended and specialized discretization methods such as, but not limited to:

  • Partition of unity methods (XFEM/GFEM, meshfree)
  • Fictitious domain methods
  • Immersed finite element methods
  • Cut finite element methods
  • Finite Cell Methods
  • Fictitious and cut isogeometric methods
  • Multimesh and overlapping mesh methods
  • Multiscale discretization methods
  • Methods for problems with complex and evolving domains
  • Methods for coupled problems involving domains of di e- rent dimensionality
  • Robust solution strategies for extended discretization methods
  • Software packages for extended discretization methods

Invited speaker

  • Erik Burman
  • Andre Massing
  • Anna Pandolfi
  • Kerstin Weinberg
  • Mary Wheeler