Graduation ceremony of the USI Faculty of Informatics

Group picture of the graduates of the USI Faculty of Informatics
Group picture of the graduates of the USI Faculty of Informatics

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On Friday, October 20th, in the Lugano campus Aula magna, 54 students from 19 countries received their diplomas during the USI Faculty of Informatics graduation ceremony. 

USI Rector Boas Erez opened the ceremony followed by Faculty Dean, Prof. Antonio Carzaniga, and by the keynote by Paolo Attivissimo, journalist and IT consultant, with his considerations on the scenarios and opportunities that emerging technologies can offer. 

After handing out the diplomas to 24 Bachelor graduates, the stage was taken by USI alumnus and a 2015 Master in Informatics graduate Charles Balachandran, today a Software Engineer at MicroFocus in Arbedo, who shared his experience with the audience. During the second part of the ceremony 17 Masters and 13 Ph.D. were conferred. 

In conclusion, Eng. Enrico Vitali, Swiss Engineering Ticino, announced the winner of the PREMIOSWISSENGINEERINGTICINO award, followed by the presentation of the USI Alumni service to all graduates. The ceremony was officially closed by Prof. Antonio Carzaniga. 

Here below the list of graduates and respective nationalities.



  1. Angelini Paolo, Italy
  2. Arrigo Francesco, Switzerland
  3. Aurecchia Paolo, Switzerland
  4. Brochado Nelson, Portugal
  5. Buratti Alessio, Italy
  6. Cakal Abdil, Switzerland
  7. Calzana Marco, Italy
  8. Cammarata Davide, Switzerland
  9. Decarli Samuele, Switzerland
  10. Fantini Alessandro, Italy
  11. Fraccaroli Gianmarco, Italy
  12. Frunzio Luigi, Italy
  13. Iandiorio Leonardo, Switzerland
  14. Jacob Irene, India
  15. Mamyshev Alexander, Russia
  16. Monti Sonny, Switzerland
  17. Müller Gauthier, Switzerland
  18. North Alexander, United Kingdom
  19. Sani Umberto, Italy
  20. Scibona Luca, Italy
  21. Signorini Emrah, Switzerland
  22. Tamari Din, Israel
  23. Vicari Andrea, Italy
  24. Zuppichini Francesco Saverio, Italy


  1. Alsaied Faiza, Iraq
  2. Ashry Ahmed Alaa El Din Mansy, Egypt
  3. Dotti Luca, Switzerland
  4. El Afchal Talal, Lebanon
  5. Findahl Jesper, Sweden
  6. Gashi Shkurta, Kosovo
  7. Kolati Mihai Calin, Romania
  8. Krasic Danilo, Serbia
  9. Luginbuhl Yoël, Switzerland
  10. Moreno Santos Igor, Brazil
  11. Pasadakis Dimosthenis, Greece
  12. Pontiggia Matteo, Italy
  13. Saporito Ramona, Italy
  14. Simpson Toby, United Kingdom
  15. Tomar Dhananjay, India
  16. Xu Zaikun, China
  17. You Yang, China


  1. Anisimov Dmitry, Russia
  2. Baumeler Amin, Switzerland
  3. Boscaini Davide, Italy
  4. De Sa Alt Leonardo, Brazil
  5. Garg Kamini, India
  6. Kovnatsky Artiom, Ukraine
  7. Lykov Kirill, Russia
  8. Mattavelli Andrea, Italy
  9. Ponzanelli Luca, Italy
  10. Schaerfig Randolf, Germany
  11. Schneider Teseo, Switzerland
  12. Zheng Yudi, China
  13. Zulian Patrick, Switzerland