SI Seminar by Sajad Mazraehkhatiri

Software Institute

Date: 24 November 2022 / 16:30 - 17:30

USI Campus Est, room D3.03, Sector D // online on MS Teams

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Testing Drones in Simulation: Let's Be Realistic!

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, are acquiring increasing autonomy. With their commercial adoption, the problem of testing their functional and non-functional, and in particular their safety requirements has become a critical concern. Simulation-based testing represents a fundamental practice, but the testing scenarios considered in software-in-the-loop testing may not be representative of the actual scenarios experienced in the field. In this talk, I present a novel approach to improve the realism and representativeness of simulation-based tests.

Sajad (M.)Khatiri is a Ph.D. student at the Software Institute, USI-Lugano, and a Research Assistant at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). His current research is in the context of the EU Project COSMOS (DevOps for Complex Cyber-physical Systems) and he is mainly focusing on improving testing practices for UAVs. Before moving to Switzerland in 2021, His studies, research, and industry experience in Iran were mostly focused on the intersection of software engineering, machine learning, and robotics.

Chair: Michael Weiss

ℹ️  The seminar will be in presence for everyone in room D0.03. If you are unable to attend in presence, the SI website contains a link to a Teams video call in the “location" field (i.e., click on “D0.03"). 


In February 2019, the Software Institute started its SI Seminar Series. Every Thursday afternoon, a researcher of the Institute will publicly give a short talk on a software engineering argument of their choice. Examples include, but are not limited to novel interesting papers, seminal papers, personal research overview, discussion of preliminary research ideas, tutorials, and small experiments.

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