Before my professorship at University of Lugano:

I spent 4 years (2001-05) at EPFL as a postdoc, at the Processor Architecture Laboratory, headed by prof. Paolo Ienne.

Previously (2000) I was an employee of STMicroelectronics in San Jose', Ca, and, at the same time, a visiting researcher in the BRASS group at UC Berkeley, where I was helping in the definition and implementation of the compiler for SCORE.

Even longer ago (1996-2000), I was a PhD student at Politecnico di Milano, where I spent 3 and a half years under the supervision of prof. Mariagiovanna Sami, and I worked on Reconfigurable VLIW Processors.

During my PhD (1996 and 1997) I spent some time in HP Labs Bristol, UK, in the Embedded Systems Department headed by Nick Wainwright, and a little time also with prof. Stamatis Vassiliadis at Delft University of Technology, in Holland.

Before my PhD (1995), working on the final project for my computer engineering degree, I was for 6 months with the VLSI group of prof. Jordi Cortadella at UPC, Barcelona, where I implemented a radix-4 divider in a sea of gates. This was within the European Exchange Erasmus Programme.

Now I have kids and I travel much much less, but looking back, it was great to spend those 10 years visiting different labs and countries and people and ways of living and working. To all the above mentioned people goes all my gratitude!


Best Paper Award nominee DATE 2006 (Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference and Exhibition. IEEE/ACM)

Best Paper Award nominee VLSI Design 2006 (19th International Conference on VLSI Design, IEEE/ACM )

Best Paper Award DAC 2003 (40th Design Automation Conference, IEEE/ACM)