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The Faculty of Informatics at UniversitÓ della Svizzera italiana stands out as a centre of competence in advanced informatics, In a matter of very few years, it has become one of Switzerland’s major poles for teaching and research, ranking third after the two Federal Institutes of Technology, Zurich and Lausanne. The Faculty aims to train informatics experts that are interdisciplinary in approach, with abstract thinking and generalization skills, a sound knowledge in the application fields of information technologies, as well as project-management and teamwork abilities

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  • 18.09.2017: Security evaluation for automotive systems and lightweight ...
  • 23.10.2017: 6th Workshop on parallel-in-time methods
  • 20.10.2017: Degree award ceremony - Cerimonia di consegna dei diplomi
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  • 21.09.2017: "Big" Data Preparation for the Data Science Journey
  • 20.09.2017: Fast and scalable implicit low-order finite-element solvers ...
  • 27.07.2017: Distributed Systems Performance - A Seminar by Google's App ...
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  • 30.10.2017: Malware Detection at Runtime for Resource-Constrained Mobile ...
  • 11.10.2017: Approximation Algorithms for Network Design Problems
  • 05.09.2017: Cell mechanics in flow: algorithms and applications
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