I am Marco Raglianti
softwareenthusiast / computerscientist / researchassistant / developer /
simracer / musicenduser / wannabephotographer / tagdisliker...

Feel free to explore some of the details of my professional activities and personal interests around here.
You will have a hard time to find my unwilling footprints on social profiles, but you can try...
By the way: I don't drink coffee, to someone this seems a useful hint on my personality.

About My Work

I am currently a Ph.D. Student in Software Engineering at the Faculty of Informatics, Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), in the beautiful city of Lugano - Switzerland. I also work as Research Assistant in the Reverse Engineering, Visualization, Evolution Analysis Lab - REVEAL research group. The supervisor of my academic and research activity is Prof. Dr. Michele Lanza, founder of the REVEAL research group and director of the Software Institute.

My main research interests include software engineering, software development and its lifecycle, documentation landscape, software visualization, software developer communities, and machine learning applied to software engineering.

I have been Teaching Assistant for various Bachelor and M. Sc. courses at USI and co-supervisor of Bachelor and Master students' theses works.

About Me

I have many interests linked to software development and its tools. I am proficient with Java and C++. I enjoyed programming in Assembler in my youth. I'm currently (slowly) upgrading my python and Pharo skills. I have a general tendency to solve problems by coding solutions that can adapt to new scenarios (because I'm lazy, if this makes sense). Even a simple browser game is a good excuse to develop a piece of software to automate the decision making process. This usually stops the fun in the game and transfers it in developing the tool...

I like to play different computer games but I'm particularly fond of simulations. Most of all racing and flying simulations. There's some magic in replicating the real world, every year more faithfully.

I've had my fair share of interests like photography and music but I would describe them as on/off short term passions.


Bachelor in Computer Science - 110/110 (Cum Laude) - University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
Bachelor Thesis: “plab: un sistema unificato per l'utilizzo di moduli CAMAC e VME nella data acquisition per la fisica delle alte energie.”

M.Sc. in Computer Science - 110/110 (Cum Laude) - University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
M.Sc. Thesis: “Surprise bayesiana in un modello bio-ispirato di visione bottom-up. Un'implementazione real-time in CUDA per SABIAN.”

Teaching Assistant

Academic YearUniversityLevelCourse NameInstructor(s)
2020/2021 USI MSc S&DE Atelier: Design 101 Lanza Michele
2020/2021 USI MSc Engineering of Domain Specific Languages Mocci Andrea
2020/2021 USI BSc Software Atelier 4: Software Engineering Project Mocci Andrea
2021/2022 USI MSc S&DE Atelier: Design 101 Lanza Michele, Cleve Anthony
2021/2022 USI MSc Engineering of Domain Specific Languages Mocci Andrea
2021/2022 USI BSc Software Atelier 4: Software Engineering Project Mocci Andrea
2022/2023 USI MSc S&DE Atelier: Design 101 Minelli Roberto
2022/2023 USI MSc Engineering of Domain Specific Languages Mocci Andrea
2022/2023 USI BSc Software Atelier 4: Software Engineering Project Mocci Andrea
2023/2024 USI MSc S&DE Atelier: Design 101 Lanza Michele
2023/2024 USI BSc Software Atelier 4: Software Engineering Project Mocci Andrea


Academic YearLevelStudentSupervisor
2021/2022 Bachelor Project Edoardo Riggio Lanza Michele
2022/2023 Master Thesis Tommaso Rodolfo Masera Lanza Michele
2022/2023 Master Thesis Joseph Romeo Lanza Michele
2023/2024 Master Thesis Mattia Giannaccari Lanza Michele


DwarvenMail Screenshot

DwarvenMail is a Python application to scrape GitHub and extract information about projects' README files and their history. DwarvenMail supports the analysis of documentation sources constituting the documentation landscape of a software system. It features an object-oriented domain model to facilitate the extraction of insights from exploration. DwarvenMail also supports manual inspection, link extraction and classification from README files.

DiscOrDance Screenshot

DiscOrDance is a bot, a scraper, and a visualization tool I developed in Pharo. It allows live inspection of an instance of a Discord server with a set of pre-defined views and the possibility to define custom ones. It is targeted at understanding and progressively discover information about the community, the server structure, and conversations between developers on Discord. DiscOrDance is available on GitHub.

Vizor Example of Class Hierarchy

Vizor is a graph visualization and interactive exploration library I co-developed with Aron Fiechter. With Vizor you can create graphs of objects, map metrics to the nodes and edges representing such objects, select entities manually or programmatically, spawn new subgraphs to refine your exploration, choose how to layout entities on the canvas, leverage predefined view specifications, create custom ones to visualize a subset of the nodes and edges, and much more.


CoDi Screenshot

CoDi is an accessible and user-friendly REST microservice that can automate the disambiguation of a set of instant messages to form conversations by leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.
CoDi's source code is publicly available on GitHub. (LINK)
CoDi was originally developed by Edoardo Riggio as a Bachelor Project I co-supervised.


Workshop Papers



  • Junior Program Committee Member of the International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (2023). LINK


If you need to contact me you can send an email to

My office is located in Via La Santa 1, 6962 Lugano, Switzerland (Block D, 3rd floor, room D3.05).