Arianna Blasi

Ph.D. Student @ USI

Arianna Blasi - PhD Student
Faculty of Informatics
Università della Svizzera italiana
via Giuseppe Buffi, 13
CH - 6900, Lugano
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I am a Ph.D. student in Informatics at Università della Svizzera italiana (Lugano, Switzerland) since March 2018. I'm part of the STAR team led by prof. Mauro Pezzè. Our research topics focus on Software Testing and Analysis.

Prior to that I was a research intern at the IMDEA Software Institute (Madrid, Spain) under the supervision of Alessandra Gorla. The original intent was to work on my Master's thesis, but I decided to stay in the research institute even after obtaining my M.Sc. (Milan, Italy). Why? Because research is exciting! I am always eager to live new experiences, in any country, both in research and industry enviroments.
International Conferences
Workshops and Seminars
  • Research on NLP for RE at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI): a Report (to appear)
    Arianna Blasi, Mauro Pezzè, Alessandra Gorla, Michael D. Ernst
    NLP4RE 2019

  • Semantic-based Analysis of Javadoc Comments
    Arianna Blasi, Alberto Goffi, Konstantin Kuznetsov, Alessandra Gorla, Michael D. Ernst, Mauro Pezzè, Sergio Delgado C.
    SATToSE 2017
  • Toradocu (aka Jdoctor)
    Toradocu is a tool that takes in input the Java source code of a class, extracts the Javadoc comments at the method level and translates them into executable specifications. The generated specifications can act as test oracles and can be integrated with an automatic test case generator: Toradocu is currently integrated with Randoop.
    Up to now, Toradocu's precision and recall computed over 800 translations are respectively above 90% and 80%. We would like to improve further the translation possibilities of the tool, as well as the integration with Randoop.

  • RepliComment
    RepliComment is a tool that takes in input the Java source code of a whole project and searches for comment clones at the class level. RepliComment relies on some heuristics to understand whether a comment clone could be legitimate (e.g. overriding) or if there is an issue such as an unintentional mistake of copy-and-paste.
    Currently, RepliComment reports the issues found in a file. As a future work we would like to implement a real-time check&correction mechanism.
Teaching Assistance at USI
  • Software Quality & Testing
    Master program
    Spring 18/19

  • Software Engineering
    Master program
    Fall 18/19
Master Thesis (2017)
Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy
Using semantic similarity analysis of Javadoc comments to automatically generate test oracles
Professor Mauro Pezzè & Professor Alessandra Gorla
My work aimed to improve and extend Toradocu, a tool which generates assertions by translating Javadoc comments. The tool described in the paper Automatic Generation of Oracles for Exceptional Behaviors (ISSTA 2016) originally produced assertions for exceptional postconditions with a limited precision and recall. My work gave full support to the translation of all kind of specifications (preconditions, normal postconditions and exceptional postconditions).
Bachelor Thesis (2015)
Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy
Re-engineering of a Java Code Analysis Tool for Performance Optimization
Professor Francesca Arcelli Fontana & Dr. Marco Zanoni
The goal of this project was the re-engineering of a tool which analyses Java source code and computes quality metrics. In particular, my work improved the concurrency mechanisms employed by the tool, leading to a significant increase of the analysis speed.