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Prof. Dr. Natasha Sharygina

  • Full Professor
  • Some lecture videos: Tutorial at Facebook, London (starts at 00:47:11), Presentation at ETH, Zurich

My primary research interests are in formal verification, using model checking and related logic-based reasoning, with the focus on the integrated development of efficient SAT/SMT solvers.

I joined USI in 2005 by moving from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) after receiving a career award from the Swiss Tasso Foundation.

At USI I established the USI Formal Verification and Security Lab, which projects focus on automated formal verification with a particular interest in software/hardware model checking for safety analysis and information security. We create both theoretical frameworks and practical tools to enable sound and scalable verification of industrial-size computer systems.

Research of my Lab has been supported by USI, Swiss National Science Foundation, Hasler Foundation and EU STReP and COST projects.

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Last updated in December, 2022.