CSCI 7818-01
Meddling with Middleware

Class Schedule
(Subject to Change)

Date Last Changed: March 1, 2000 11:00 AM
Refer to the topics page for information about assigned and unassigned tutorial topics. Note that we expect everyone to present two topics over the duration of the course.

DateClass Topic(s)

Jan 19
Course Overview (Instructors)
Chat system assigned

Jan 26
tutorial: Middleware Overview (Heimbigner)
Chat system due

Feb 2
tutorial: HTTP (Ryan)
Chat system critique
HTTP client assigned

Feb 9
tutorial: CORBA/RMI (Taplin)
tutorial: XML (Levis)
XML assignment

Feb 16
tutorial: Events (Casey)
tutorial: Multicast (Liu)
HTTP client due
XML assignment due
Event assignment

Feb 23
tutorial: Servelets/CGI (Zhang)
tutorial: EJB/Beans (Levis)

Mar 1
tutorial: Naming/Directories (Neufeld)
tutorial: OMG Services/Standards (Piao)
Event assignment Due
Project Proposal assignment

Mar 8
tutorial: Mobile Code/Agents (Rutherford)
tutorial: CDS (Zhang)
Project proposals due

Mar 15
Project overviews (10 min. each)

Mar 22
Project overviews (10 min. each)
tutorial: Security (Carzaniga)

Mar 29
Spring Break

Apr 5
tutorial: Resource Discovery (Rutherford)
Project reviews (30 min. each)

Apr 12
Project reviews (30 min. each)

Apr 19
Project status reports

Apr 26
Project status reports

May 3
Project Demonstrations

May 8 (Mon.)
Final project reports due