CSCI 7818-01
Meddling with Middleware

Tutorial Topic Assignments
(Subject to Change)

Date Last Changed: March 1, 2000 11:00 AM

Note that we expect everyone to present two topics over the duration of the course, if time permits.

Unassigned Topics:


Fault-Tolerance (Process Groups/ISIS...)
Distr. Shared Memory (software based)

Note: Suggestions for additional topics are welcome.

Assigned Topics:


HTTP Ryan Feb 2
CORBA/RMI Taplin Feb 9
XML Levis Feb 9
Events Casey Feb 16
Multicast Liu Feb 16
Servelets/CGI Zhao Feb 23
EJB/Beans Levis Feb 23
Naming/Directories (LDAP...) Neufeld Mar 1
OMG Services/Standards Piao Mar 1
Mobile Code/Agents Rutherford Mar 8
CDS Zhang Mar 8
Security Carzaniga Mar 22
Resource Discovery (RDF, etc) Rutherford Mar 22