Programming Languages

Programming Languages

Programming languages are a medium for specifying computation precisely both to computers and to other people. Our faculty does work on programming language design, compilers, runtime systems, type systems, program verification, performance, static and dynamic analysis, and other areas.


Walter Binder

Prof. Binder founded the Dynamic Analysis Group. His research interests include dynamic program analysis, concurrent and parallel programming, aspect-oriented programming, virtual machines, service-oriented computing, and cloud computing.

Matthias HauswirthMatthias Hauswirth

Prof. Hauswirth's interests lie in the area between programming languages, runtime systems, and software engineering, with a focus on the efficiency of software, its users, and its developers. Prof. Hauswirth leads Sape, the Software and Programmer Efficiency Research Group.

Mehdi Jazayeri

Prof. Jazayeri is the founding dean of the Faculty of Informatics at USI. He is interested in programming, software engineering, programming languages, and distributed systems.

Nate NystromNate Nystrom

Prof. Nystrom's research interests focus on programming languages for safe, efficient, and extensible systems. He leads the Lugano Language Lab

Laura PozziLaura Pozzi

Prof. Pozzi is interested in the interaction between compiler and architecture design in the field of embedded systems. Her research mostly revolves around the automation of embedded processor customization and the definition of innovative configurable fabrics.

Natasha SharyginaNatasha Sharygina

Prof. Sharygina's research interests are in software and hardware verification (e.g., model-checking, abstract interpretation, decision procedures, satisfiability modulo theories (SMT)), information security, and concurrent and distributed computing. She heads the Formal Verification and Security Lab

Robert SouléRobert Soulé

Prof. Soulé is broadly interested in systems and applied programming languages. Currently, he is working on languages for software defined networks. In the past, he has worked on stream processing, replication systems, and content distribution networks.