I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Computer Systems Institute of USI Lugano, working with Patrick Eugster since 2019-08. I work on distributed systems with a focus on large-scale decentralized systems and public distributed ledgers such as blockchains.

I received a BSc in 2011 and an MSc in 2013 both from Sorbonne Université, and a PhD in 2018 for my work on decentralized systems performed under the supervision of François Taïani and Davide Frey in the WIDE group of Université de Rennes - Inria - IRISA, including a summer at VU Amsterdam with Spyros Voulgaris.

Interests: distributed systems, distributed ledgers/blockchains, operating systems, privacy-enhancing tech.

Awards & Grants

2020 Facebook Distributed Systems research award (co-PIs: Patrick Eugster, Patrick Jahnke).

2016 Université Bretagne Loire mobility grant for a summer internship at VU Amsterdam.


Tags: Conference paper, Short paper, Research report, Thesis.

[C6] Consistent and Secure Network Updates Made Practical
[C5] Scalable and Serializable Networked Multi-Actor Programming
[C4] PLASMA: Programmable Elasticity for Stateful Cloud Computing Applications
[S2] Dietcoin: Hardening Bitcoin Transaction Verification Process For Mobile Devices
[R1] Dietcoin: shortcutting the Bitcoin verification process for your smartphone
[S1] Bringing secure Bitcoin transactions to your smartphone
[C3] Speed for the elite, consistency for the masses: differentiating eventual consistency in large-scale distributed systems
[C2] Similitude: Decentralised Adaptation in Large-Scale P2P Recommenders
[C1] Towards a Geocentric Mobile Syndication System

Invited talks

Dietcoin: Shortcutting the Bitcoin verification process for your smartphone
Secured light Bitcoin client with Dietcoin and differentiated consistency with GPS
Bringing secure Bitcoin transactions to your smartphone


So far, I have only techsplained in French.

[FR] A bit of blockchain, a lot of distributed ledgers
[FR] Blockchains, distributed ledgers, and their notarial use
[FR] Demystifying the blockchain and its utility for notaries


Journal reviewer: TDSC 2020, TMC 2020.

Conference PC member: SOCA 2018, SC2 2018, DASC 2018, SOCA 2017, SC2 2017, SC2 2016.

External reviewer: ICDCS 2020, WWW 2020, SERIAL@MW 2017, OPODIS 2016, DCC@PODC 2016.


2019-11: two lectures on distributed ledgers in the MS Distributed Systems course at USI Lugano.

2020-04: invited lecture on distributed ledgers in the MS Information Security course at Mid Sweden Uni.