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Readings in Instrumentation, Profiling, and Tracing

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Readings in Instrumentation, Profiling, and Tracing is a seminar for PhD students in informatics interested in measuring and analyzing the dynamic behavior of computer systems. Everybody with an interest in this area is welcome to attend the meetings. However, you are kindly requested to come prepared (that is, to do the assigned reading). PhD students who want to get credit for that course will have to attend at least 75% of the meetings and present at least one of the readings.


Name Research area
Matthias Hauswirth System Performance Understanding
Navid Ahmadi Software Engineering
Domenico Bianculli Specification, Verification, and Validation of Service-Oriented Systems
Onur Derin System Modeling
Alessandra Gorla Software Engineering (Testing, Self-healing systems)
Milan Jovic Analysis of Systems
Marcello Mura Networking and Modeling
Francesco Regazzoni Hardware-Software Codesign, Security
Rodrigo Schmidt Distributed Algorithms
Aliaksei Tsitovich Model Checking for Security
Dmitrijs Zaparanuks Embedded Systems


This seminar will take place weekly on Thursday from 14:30 to 15:30 in room A14 in the red building. Each week we will read a paper. In the meeting, one person will present the paper. The goal of these presentations is to spark interesting discussions. At the end of each meeting we will determine the presenters and the paper for the following week.

Date & Time Reading Presenter
Thursday, November 23, 14:30 ATOM: A system for building customized program analysis tools (PLDI'94) Matthias (Slides)
Thursday, November 30, 14:30 BIT: A Tool for Instrumenting Java Bytecodes (USITS'97) Milan (Slides)
Thursday, December 7, 14:30 Soot - a Java Optimization Framework (CASCON'99),
BCEL: Byte Code Engineering Library, and
Jaba: Java Architecture for Bytecode Analysis
Alessandra (Slides)
Thursday, December 14, 14:30 The Basics of Performance-Monitoring Hardware (IEEE Micro, July/August'02) Dmitrijs ∈ {Milan, Alessandra, Dmitrijs, Aliaksei, Onur}
Thursday, December 21, 14:30 JVMTI - Java Virtual Machine Tool Interface Domenico ∈ {Alessandra, Domenico}
Thursday, January 11, 14:30 Performance Debugging for Distributed Systems of Black Boxes (SOSP'03) Rodrigo ∈ {Navid, Alessandra, Domenico, Rodrigo}
Thursday, January 18, 14:30 Measuring and Characterizing System Behavior Using Kernel-Level Event Logging (Usenix'00), or
The LTTng tracer: A Low Impact Performance and Behavior Monitor for GNU/Linux (OLS'06)
Aliaksei ∈ {Navid, Milan, Domenico, Aliaksei, Rodrigo, Marcello}
Thursday, January 25, 14:30 DTrace: Dynamic Instrumentation Of Production Systems (Usenix'04) Onur ∈ {Onur, Marcello}
Thursday, February 1, 14:30 Pin: Building Customized Program Analysis Tools with Dynamic Instrumentation (PLDI'05) Navid ∈ {Navid, Milan, Alessandra, Domenico, Dmitrijs, Aliaksei, Marcello}
Thursday, February 8, 14:30 ??? Pentium 4 Performance-Monitoring Features (IEEE Micro, July/August'02) ??? Marcello ∈ {Navid, Milan, Alessandra, Domenico, Dmitrijs, Aliaksei, Marcello}

Proposed Topics

Below is a categorized list of some proposed readings. Proposals for new publications or new categories are welcome. Note that the categorization of some of the work is not exact, many tools or techniques would fit into multiple categories.

Comparisons of some of these tools and techniques (not scientific, but informative)


Below you find links to further resources on instrumentation, profiling, and tracing.


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Course Information


Development and use of precise measuring and analysis equipment.
Measurement of a statistical summary of the behavior of a system.
Measurement of a stream of events of the behavior of a system.


For now, this is just a list of terms without definitions.

Binary Rewriting
Counter-Based Sampling
Event-Based Sampling
Performance Counter
Performance Monitor