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Teaching Java Streams with StreamLab

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The Java package provides a set of abstractions modeling stream-based input and output. These abstractions are powerful, but they can be hard to understand for students. This module provides the material for teaching and learning the proper use of the Java stream classes. The module is built around StreamLab, a visual interactive tool for exploring and discovering the principles behind Java's stream package.

StreamLab provides the following main features



To run StreamLab, you need at least Java 1.5. StreamLab must be run as an application, you cannot use it as an applet.


You can download StreamLab-1.3.jar.


Save the downloaded JAR file somewhere (you do not have to un-jar it).

Running StreamLab

To start StreamLab call "java -jar StreamLab-1.3.jar". Note: If you start StreamLab by double-clicking it, you will not see the output on stdout and you will not be able to provide input on stdin.