Matthias Hauswirth


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I like to teach courses on all levels, from Bachelor (CA, EE, PF2, SA1, SA2), over Masters (SP), to PhD (Bugs, CSE, IPT).

My Teaching Philosophy

I love teaching. My teaching philosophy, which evolved out of my past teaching experience and observations of my best former teachers, consists of two components.

First, I believe that the best way to help students understand something is not to teach them, but to help them learn.

Second, I use a reflective rather than a reactive teaching style. I believe that good teachers constantly improve and adapt their teaching style based on continuous assessment of the students' progress towards the learning goals.

Research on Education

I am interested in technology-enhanced education. Some of my work in that area:

SP - Software Performance

PF2 - Programming Fundamentals II


EE - Evaluation and Experimentation in Informatics

CA - Computer Architecture

SA1 - Software Atelier 1

SA2 - Software Atelier 2

CSE - Computer Science Education

IPT - Instrumentation, Profiling, and Tracing

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