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    Matthias Hauswirth
Associate Professor

Sape Research Group
Faculty of Informatics
University of Lugano (USI)
Via Giuseppe Buffi 13
CH-6904 Lugano

+41 58 666 4298 (phone)
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For an up-to-date view of my research activities, check out the web site of Sape, the Software and Programmer Efficiency Research Group.

I am interested in the area between programming languages, runtime systems, and software engineering, with a focus on the efficiency of software, its users, and its developers.


Some highlights:

For more papers (including PDFs), check my Sape Research Group publication page.


In Fall 2016 I am teaching:

Visit my teaching page for a complete list of all my past and present courses at USI.


Program Committees

External Review Committees

Program Committee Chairships

Artifact Evaluation Committee Chairships

First OOPSLA Artifact Evaluation Committee

Together with Steve Blackburn, I chaired OOPSLA's first Artifact Evaluation Committee. The committee's task was to evaluate the artifacts submitted by authors of OOPSLA research papers.

For more information, read our Artifact Evaluation Artifact.

Evaluate Collaboratory

Together with Peter Sweeney (IBM Research), Steve Blackburn (ANU), and Amer Diwan (Google) I am running the Evaluate Collaboratory, a resource and a hub for everybody interested in understanding and improving the state of practice in experimental evaluation of computer systems and software.

We are also co-organizing the series of Evaluate workshops, most recently Evaluate 2012 at PLDI.

Faculty of Informatics - Ten Year Anniversary

I joined our faculty in 2005, one year after its birth. In October 2014, we celebrated our Ten Year Anniversary. Together with Rosario Maccarrone and other great staff at USI, I was responsible for the celebration. We developed a large exhibit in the form of an interactive science center, including workshops and seminars, to introduce the topic of informatics to local high school students and the general public.

We had over 1000 visitors, a billboard campaign, TV appearances, and radio shows. The public response was outstandingly positive, and our students, who ran the exhibits and workshops, were truly amazing in teaching informatics to children and adults alike.

SPLASH-E: Foundational Concepts of Computation

Concepts that should inform how we teach programming from kindergarten to college.
Together with Steve Blackburn (ANU) I organized SPLASH-E'16 as a one-day working meeting that brings together content experts from the programming languages research community and experts in computer science pedagogy, with the following goals: (1) Building on prior work, identify and enumerate the foundational concepts of computation. (2) More ambitiously, for each concept, create a detailed plan for a lesson (or short sequence of lessons) for 8 year olds, to teach the concept.

Learning about Learning

I spent the academic year 2015-2016 as an International Fellow in the Center for Technology in Learning at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA, focusing on Cyberlearning and the Learning Sciences. Towards the end of my time at SRI, Patti Schank and Judi Fusco inverviewed me about my perspective on cyberlearning.

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Tool Highlight

Informa Classroom Clicker System

Download and try Informa. It's free.

Informa Clicker

I built Informa for my own teaching. I would not want to teach without it anymore. Informa is a group response system to quickly gather deep feedback from all students in a classroom. With its rich problem types, it goes far beyond traditional classroom clickers. Read more...


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