Siena Contrib

Siena (Scalable Internet Event Notification Architecture) is a research project aimed at designing and constructing a generic scalable event notification service. For full details on the Siena project follow this link. This page contains software related to Siena.

If you are a Siena user, or even if you are just evaluating or studying Siena, please consider registering with us by submitting a Siena User Registration Form.

The following is a list of projects and software systems that are directly related to Siena:

Siena Fast Forwarding
a modular implementation of a fast content-based forwarding algorithm.
CBCB Routing Protocol
implementation of the Combined Broadcast and Content-Based routing scheme for content-based networking. This implementation of the CBCB protocol executes within the SSim simulator.
Siena Fast Forwarding Net Message (obsolete)
an interface to use the Siena Fast Forwarding as a packet classifier. This library presents network packets (e.g., an ethernet frame containing an IP packet with a TCP payload) as "messages" to be processed by a content-based forwarding algorithm. Available as a source package (sff-basic-0.5.3.tar.gz).
Siena Monitor (obsolete)
a graphical traffic viewer for Siena. Siena Monitor receives traffic log messages from Siena servers and produces a graphical display of the topology of the network as well as of the traffic flow.
SXML (obsolete)
automates the publication of XML data, as well as the use of XPath subscription.
Siena Object (obsolete)
a generic publisher/subscriber with a simple graphical user interface. Available as a source package (sobject-1.0.2.tar.gz).
CoMETA (obsolete)
a mobility support service that allows applications to move across the publish/subscribe network or to temporarily detach from it. CoMETA transparently manages active subscriptions and incoming messages when an application detaches from its server until it reattaches, possibly at another server.
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