Attendance policies and regulations

The official language at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) is Italian.

Students who are non-native speakers of Italian may be requested to pass a language comprehension test, prior to admission.

Students are required to understand English. Knowledge of French and German is also encouraged and may be required in some study programmes (e.g. the Bachelor in Communication Sciences includes language courses in English and either in French or German). A few courses and seminars may be taught in English, French, or German. Some Master programmes are mainly taught in English.
The official teaching language of all the programmes of the faculty of informatics (Bachelor and Masters) is English.

Language courses for beginners in Italian, English, French and German are offered by the University free of charge. They include an intensive course before the fall term, followed by an extensive course through the academic year.

Students are strongly invited to spend some time in the native country of the language they are learning.

Every registered student is entitled to attend any of the courses offered by the University.

Attendance to interactive teaching activities included in the curriculum - such as seminars, laboratories and ateliers - is mandatory. Teachers who require students to attend their lessons in order to be admitted to the exam must inform the students.



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