Welcome to the Faculty of Informatics

Mathematics used to be the fundamental discipline of science, as it provides a universal abstract language and a rigid formalism for describing and analysing observed phenomena. But science is undergoing a tremendous change in the 21st century, and informatics is becoming the new backbone of virtually all scientific and technological fields, because our modern data-driven society depends crucially on the ability of managing vast amounts and different kinds of information.

Informatics, the science of information, provides the universal tools for dealingwith such data. It not only covers the design of algorithms and data structures for storing, processing, transmitting, and accessing information, but more generally facilitates a modern, digital, and automated approach to problem solving, communication, and collaboration. The enormous impact that informatics has on basically all aspects of human life implies a huge potential for exciting careers not only in the information technology sector, but also in other areas, including economics, health care, aerospace, and entertainment.

The Faculty of Informatics is young and modern. It has gained an international reputation as a high quality centre for research and education in Switzerland. It currently hosts around 200 researchers from all over the world and is engaged in several national and international research projects. It offers a full curriculum that includes Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes. The language of instruction is English, but in the halls you hear many other languages spoken as well. The Faculty continues to grow while keeping an enthusiastic, exciting, and vibrant environment for both students and researchers.

Prof. Dr. Kai Hormann

Dean of the Faculty of Informatics