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Correctness Criteria for Database Replication: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

by Vaide Zuikeviciute and Fernando Pedone

In this paper we investigate correctness criteria for replicated databases from the client s perspective and present their uniform characterization. We further study the effects of different consistency degrees in the context of three middleware-based replication protocols: primary-backup, optimistic update-everywhere and BaseCON, a simple yet fault-tolerant middleware-based replication protocol that takes advantage of workload characterization techniques to increase the parallelism in the system. We present three variants of BaseCON, one for each correctness criterion discussed, and analyze its behavior in case of failures and false suspicions. We have implemented the correctness properties in all three protocols considered and show experimentally that stronger consistency does not necessarily imply worse performance. On the contrary, two of the three replication protocols evaluated show no significant performance divergence under the chosen benchmark while ensuring different consistency criterion.

Technical report 2008/03, August 2008

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