Ticinotransfer is the network for the transfer of technology and knowledge within the Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland. Based on an initiative of the Swiss government, it is promoted by USI, SUPSI, Economic Promotion of Canton Ticino, the local Chamber of Commerce and AITI (Associazione industrie ticinesi). Ticinotransfer connects small or medium-sized companies that are innovative – or wish to become so – to the technological partners, namely the research institutes.

Ticinotransfer offers to the research institutes and to the companies a point of contact for the transfer of technology and knowledge, and provides specific services to accompany the innovation processes that occur among these partners.

The objectives of Ticinotransfer:

  • create a cultural connection between research institutes and companies;
  • encourage companies to communicate and initiate innovation processes, when applicable, by means of acquisition of knowledge and newly developed technologies, normally by the universities;
  • promote "win-win" collaboration agreements for companies (especially small and medium-sized) and for research institutes, start and follow industry-driven combined projects with the scope of transferring know-how;
  • stimulate the research institutes to communicate with the companies, to transfer their know-how, collect feedback from the business world and thus develop a culture that also values their knowledge in terms of commercial exploitation;
  • manage the issues related to intellectual property, patents, licences, collaboration agreements.


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