To obtain a double degree, USI students have to fulfill the requirements of both institutions. In particular they must spend two years abroad at Politecnico di Milano (location: Milano or Como), where they have to take 120 ECTS credits.
The credits and the course examinations taken at Politecnico di Milano are fully recognized by USI.
Once the student returns to USI, he/she will attend the final year of their Master of Science in Informatics course.
Students shall produce a final thesis in English (with short summaries in Italian), to be presented at both Institutions.

years semesters Place of study ECTS

1st year

1st sem

Politecnico di Milano

120 ECTS

2nd sem

2nd year

3rd sem

4th sem

3rd year

5th sem

Università della Svizzera italiana


6th sem

Thesis: 30 ECTS



180 ECTS with double degree
Master of Science in informatics (USI): 120 ECTS
Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Informatica (Politecnico di Milano): 120 ECTS

The general programme of studies must be approved in advance by both institutions.