Research at the Faculty of Informatics

Computational Science

Applied Mathematics, Computational Methods, Fast Solvers, Finite Elements, High Performance Computing, Nonsmooth Methods, Numerical Algorithms, Numerical Optimization

Intelligent Systems

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Optimization, Pattern Recognition, Robotics

Computer Systems

Autonomic Computing, Cloud Computing, Computer Architecture, Distributed Systems, Embedded Systems, Mobile Computing, Security, Self-Adaptive Systems, Service-oriented Computing

Programming Languages

Compilers, Modularity, Optimizations, Program Analysis, Program Verification, Runtime Systems, Semantics

Geometric and Visual Computing

Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Geometry Processing

Software Engineering

Software Architecture, Software Evolution, Software Performance, Software Testing and Analysis, Software Visualization, Web Engineering

Information Systems

Business Process Management, HCI, Information Retrieval, Privacy

Theory and Algorithms

Complexity, Cryptography and Quantum Information, Discrete Algorithms, Geometric Algorithms, Logic, SAT