Summer 2016 UROP Internship Project Proposals

Below you find the descriptions of the available UROP 2016 internship projects.

Summer 2016 UROP Internship Project Proposals
Project Description Mentors/Sponsors
Exploit parallel computing on SMT solving  Prof. Natasha Sharygina
Matteo Marescotti 
Analysis and Optimization of Task Granularity in Concurrent Applications Prof. Walter Binder
Andrea Rosà
Yudi Zheng 
Using DiSL for Bytecode Instrumentation as a Service  Prof. Walter Binder
Dr. Lubomir Bulej
Yudi Zheng 
User Studies in Human Memory Augmentation  Prof. Marc Langheinrich
Evangelos Niforatos 
PROMO - PROtotypes and MOck-ups for Anchʼ ioLAC  Dr. Monica Landoni
ASQ  Prof. Cesare Pautasso
Drug Design at a Glance  Prof. Vittorio Limongelli
Evaluating a Personal Memory Sharing System  Prof. Marc Langheinrich
Agon Bexheti 
Roaming Objects - Object-Encoded Digital Experiences  Prof. Marc Langheinrich
Anton Fedosov 
FPGA to VGA: controlling graphic displays with reconfigurable hardware  Prof. Laura Pozzi
Dr. Giovanni Ansaloni 

In general, if you are interested in working in a specific research group, even one not mentioned above, please contact the corresponding professor directly.

Eligibility and Application Deadline

  • USI Informatics Bachelor or Master student
  • Directly contact a project's mentor to apply (see names above)
  • Application deadline: Sunday, March 20, 2016 (by the deadline you should already agree with the project's mentor) - send your application to

Acceptance and Funding

  • Funded by the Faculty of Informatics
  • Only a limited number of grants available
  • Acceptance is competitive
  • Decision is taken by the Dean

Duration and Dates of Internship

  • Roughly 2 months
  • Start after exam period (~ July 1st)
  • End before recovery exam period (~ August 31)