Summer 2008 UROP Internship Project Proposals

Below you find the descriptions of the available UROP 2008 internship projects.

Summer 2008 UROP Internship Project Proposals
Project Description Slides Mentors/Sponsors
iGame: Game Authoring Tool for iPhone / iPod touch PDF Navid Ahmadi, Mehdi Jazayeri
A coarse grained reconfigurable architecture test bed PDF Giovanni Ansaloni, Laura Pozzi
Composable Web 2.0 Widgets for Real-time Business Process Monitoring PDF Monica Frisoni, Cesare Pautasso
Uniform Sampling in Peer-to-Peer Networks   Cyrus Hall, Antonio Carzaniga
Adagio - Why is it so slow? PPT Matthias Hauswirth
Informa: Classroom Response System for Teaching Programming PPT Matthias Hauswirth
Speculative GUI Components PPT Matthias Hauswirth
Dynamic On-the-fly Code Generation for Efficient Trace Analysis & Visualization PPT Matthias Hauswirth
Building a Web 2.0 Application using a social and semantic approach PDF
Sasa Nesic, Francesco Lelli, Mehdi Jazayeri
Domain Specifc Languages for Model Analysis and Translation PPT Jochen Wuttke, Mauro Pezzé
ProximityScan   Michele Lanza
X-Ray3   Michele Lanza
Browser-based Visualization of Architectural Decision Spaces   Cesare Pautasso
Flash-Based Database Management Systems   Fernando Pedone
Robtic Lab Demonstrators and Educational Framework   Alexander Förster, Luca Maria Gambardella

In general, if you are interested in working in a specific research group, even one not mentioned above, please contact the corresponding professor directly.

Eligibility and Application Deadline

  • USI Informatics Bachelor or Master student before and after internship
  • Directly contact a project's mentor to apply (see names above)
  • Application deadline: Wednesday, May 28, 2008, 12:30


Acceptance and Funding

  • Funded by the faculty of informatics
  • Only a limited number of grants available
  • Acceptance is competitive
  • Decision is taken by the dean


Duration and Dates of Internship

  • Roughly 2 months
  • Start after exam period (~ June 23)
  • End before recovery exam period (~ August 29)