Summer 2007 Internship Opportunities

UROP'06 was a great success, allowing our undergraduate students to get involved in academic research very early in their curriculum. For UROP'07 we have put together an exciting and even broader selection of project proposals. Moreover, we have added outside projects from CSCS and from industry.

Informatics Faculty UROP Projects
Project Title Mentors/Sponsors
Graphical Reporting Tool for Moodle Riccardo Mazza, Fabio Crestani
Covering, Independent Sets, and Other NP-Complete Problems Paolo Bonzini, Laura Pozzi
Animating SpyWare Romain Robbes, Michele Lanza
CC++ Richard Wettel, Michele Lanza
Extending the XRay Eclipse Plugin Mircea Lungu, Michele Lanza
Clustered In-Memory Databases Fernando Pedone
Distributed Orchestration of Composite Web Services Walter Binder
Distributed Simulation Environment Cyrus Hall, Jeff Rose, Antonio Carzaniga
Dynamic On-the-fly Code Generation for Efficient Trace Analysis & Visualization Matthias Hauswirth
Geo Referencing with Heterogeneous Web APIs Giovanni Ciampaglia, Paolo Giordano, Alberto Vancheri, Denise Andrey
Informa: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Solution Similarity Measures Matthias Hauswirth
Monitoring Conversational Web Services Domenico Bianculli, Carlo Ghezzi
Model Annotation, Constraint and Code Generation for Self-Checking Programs Jochen Wuttke, Mauro Pezzč
Service Composition Algorithms Operating on a Compact Directory Digest Walter Binder
Simulating MAC-Level Protocols for Sensor Networks Anna Egorova-Förster, Amy Murphy
Simulating Routing Protocols for Sensor Networks Anna Egorova-Förster, Amy Murphy
Verification Conditions with Strings Stefano Tonetta, Natasha Sharygina
CSCS - Swiss National Supercomputing Centre
Web Service for a Metadata Catalog Peter Kunszt
Shoe Design Tool Hugo Boss
Internal Information System TC Systems