Bachelor in Informatics

The bachelor programme offered by the Faculty of Informatics consists of an innovative, project-based, team-oriented curriculum of six semesters (three years) and correspond to 180 ECTS credits proportionally distributed (30 ECTS for each semester). 
In the first five semesters, students work on group projects. In the sixth semester, they work on an individual final project in which they use all their acquired knowledge to solve an interesting problem.The bachelor students have opportunities for summer internships both at companies and at the university.

5th Semester 30 6th Semester 30
Algorithmics 3 Economics Fundamentals 3
Computer Graphics 6 Experimentation and Evaluation 3
Information Retrieval 6 Languages and Compilers 6
Numerical Computing*** 6 Optimization Methods* 6
Professional Ethics** 3 Bachelor Project 18
Theory of Computation 6    
Field Project Atelier 6    

(*) This course will be replaced by the "Automata and Formal Languages" course in the AA 2015-16.
(**) This course will be replaced by the "Artificial Intelligence" course in the AA 2015-16.
(***) Electives: can be chosen instead of one of the other courses of the same semester (with the exception of the Field Project/Atélier).