Seminars at the Faculty of Informatics

Quantum Cryptography in the Real World


Charles Ci Wen Lim


National University, Singapore


Wednesday, March 15, 2017


USI Lugano Campus, room A-23, Red building (Via G. Buffi 13)






Quantum information science is an emerging interdisciplinary research field that spans quantum physics, information theory, computer science, and engineering. Among the many potential quantum technologies, quantum communication and quantum cryptography are the most promising, with key applications in network security and sensing. My research is broadly centered on practical quantum cryptography and the foundations of quantum correlations. In this research talk, I will first briefly present the role of quantum cryptography in the context of digital networks and its key applications. Then, I will talk about my research in the field, and some potential research ideas that would make quantum cryptography more practical. Finally, I will conclude with a short discussion on the idea of a quantum Internet. 




Dr. Lim got his B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics from the National University of Singapore, and his Ph.D. in Quantum Information Science from the University of Geneva, Switzerland (under the supervision of Nicolas Gisin and Hugo Zbinden). Since 2015, he has been working as a research associate at the Computational Sciences and Engineering Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA. Dr. Lim's research is broadly focused on the theory of quantum cryptography and quantum correlations. A feature of his research is the security of practical quantum crypto devices. Notably, his theoretical contributions in this area has led to the world's longest distance quantum key distribution experiment (Nature Photonics 9, 163, 2015).





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