Seminars at the Faculty of Informatics

Advances in Computational Science

The Institute of Computational Science (ICS) of the Faculty of Informatics at USI is pleased to announce the Workshop on Advances in Computational Science that will take place from the 30th May to the 2nd June at USI Lugano.


Description: The aim of this workshop is bringing together the experts from the areas of applied mathematics, scientific computing, design of high-performance applications working on problems from molecular dynamics, biomechanics, fluid mechanics and climate/weather research.


During this worshop ideas will be exchanged in order to identify the common mathematical and computational paradigms and challenges for the next generation of models, algorithms and hardware for complex large scale problems in various application areas of scientific computing.


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Organizing Commitee ICS/USI:
Prof. Rolf Krause,
Prof. Illia Horenko,
Prof. Michele Parrinello,
Dr. Roberto Croce

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